Audi iPhone Wireless Charging Case

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Bringing even more convenience and simplicity to your Audi’s interior

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Already compatible with a wide range of Qi-enabled mobile phones without the need for a separate case (such as the Samsung Galaxy and the Nokia Lumia series), the Audi Phone Box is now able to work with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s, thanks to the Audi iPhone Case. When the Qi-enabled cover is fitted to the latest iPhone models, they can simply be placed in your Audi's centre console to start the charging process, without the need to plug in a separate cable via the USB port. This innovative feature also works away from your car on any base station that also has Qi functionality.

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Branded with the four Audi rings on the front and rear, the Audi wireless charging case has a light, slimline design that allows unhindered operation of the iPhone’s camera lens and flash, headphone port, speakers and sensors. The small Qi receiver clip on the bottom of the case can also be easily removed to allow full access to the lightning port for charging on the move. Featuring a lacquered polycarbonate finish that is robust and durable, the case also protects against light knocks and light scratches. It is Apple MFi certified, having met the required performance standards and is available to purchase now from any of our Audi Centres.

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The optional Audi Phone Box connection and charging system can be ordered as a standalone option from £325 or as part of the Technology Pack on a host of new models such as the A3, A4, A6, A7, Q2, Q7, TT and R8. Not only does it allow wireless charging, but it also boosts phone signal quality, depending on reception, by creating a wireless connection to the vehicle’s aerial. Another feature of the option is the additional Bluetooth interface, which allows two mobile phones to be connected to the car simultaneously.

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Audi iPhone Case: cut the cord on in-car charging

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To find out more about the Audi iPhone Case, please call or send us an Audi iPhone Case enquiry