Fixed-Price Service Plans

If you are purchasing a new Audi A1 or A8, we can offer you a special, fixed-price service plan for a single one-off payment at the time you buy your new Audi.

A1 Fixed-Price Service Plans

Cover all your servicing for the first five years or 50,000 miles on your Audi A1 or S1. The Audi A1 Service Plan costs only £289 on the Fixed Service Regime, designed for an annual mileage of under 10,000 miles a year, or £450 on the Flexible Service Regime for an annual mileage of over 10,000 miles a year. Your A1 Fixed-Price Service Plan includes all scheduled servicing, including labour, parts, lubricants and one brake fluid change.

A8 Fixed-Price Service Plan

Your A8* Service Plan covers all your servicing for three years or 60,000 miles for a single payment of only £350. Our expert technicians will carry out servicing on your Audi according to the Flexible Servicing Regime, as well as one brake fluid change. All you have to do is book your Audi in as soon as your Driver’s Information System lets you know your Audi is due for a service. Professional Audi servicing at M25 Audi.

A1 and A8 Service Plans

For more information about any of our Audi servicing plans, please call us at your nearest M25 Audi Centre or send us an Audi servicing enquiry
* Excludes A8 W12 models.