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Save on Audi Servicing

Regularly servicing your new Audi will allow you to enjoy the very best your Audi can give you for many years, as well as maintaining its resale value. To help you plan your Audi’s servicing and to keep your running costs as low as possible, we offer a range of inclusive service plans.

Benefits of an Audi Service Plan:

  • Regular servicing minimises unexpected maintenance and surprise bills
  • Your servicing costs are fixed as soon as you sign up for your plan
  • Enhance your car’s resale value by transferring your plan to the new owner
  • Ensuring your Audi has a full service record at an Audi Service Centre can increase the value of your car
  • Audi trained technicians and Audi genuine parts with a two-year warranty
  • Our Audi Service Plans are available to all retail customers

Servicing Your New Audi

A1 and A8 Plans

Explore Audi A1 and A8 Service Plans…

A1 and A8 Service Plans

Audi R8 Plans

Explore the Audi R8 Service Plan…

Audi R8 Service Plan

Audi Complete

Save on Audi Servicing…

Audi Complete

Save on Audi Servicing with our Servicing Plans

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