Wide range, immediate delivery and substantial reductions on Audis

The best Audis at the best prices, Audi ex-demonstrators offer exceptional specifications at incredible prices without the need to wait for delivery. Our ex-demos are ready to view and test drive seven days a week with immediate delivery available. You’ll be able to see just what superb condition they’re in, the high specifications available and just what an outstanding deal you’ll be driving away.

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From the Audi A1 through to the luxurious A8, and including our selection of Audi Q models with their quattro-enhanced, go-anywhere attitude, we’ll have some ex-demonstrators that you could be driving away with more pounds in your bank account than you might expect, thanks to the generous discounts available. Take a look below and then get in touch to find out more about your chosen Audi ex-demonstrator and take a test drive.

Audi ex-demonstrator benefits include:

  • Huge range of models to choose from
  • Superb condition, both cosmetically and mechanically
  • Under 12 months old with low mileage
  • The remaining warranty on your Audi ex-demonstrator will be transferred to you
  • Our Audi ex-demonstrator sale means you can get an exceptional Audi, many with options already specified, and for a lot less

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Our Audi ex-demonstrators: get a lot more Audi for a lot less

To find out more about our ex-dem Audis and the models available, please call us or send us an Audi Ex–Demonstrators enquiry
Price comparison is against the same car priced as new. The vehicle is an ex-demonstrator and will already be registered to M25 Audi and have covered more than delivery miles. The new owner will be the second owner. For more information please contact Spire Automotive Limited.