New 2016 Audi Q2 arriving in November, new auDI Q2 photos and videos

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Distinctive, dynamic and assertive. Turn heads in the new Audi Q2

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The new 2016 Audi Q2 is equipped with an abundance of connectivity, infotainment and assistance systems enveloped in a compact and powerful exterior. The Q2 is a new SUV for the modern-day driver.

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The spacious Audi Q2 has the excellent visibility, high entry and large luggage compartment of an SUV, as well as the technology and ambiance of a larger Audi model. The driver’s seat position takes its cues from an Audi saloon, placed low in relation to the steering wheel for an executive feel. The elegantly styled interior offers a selection of customisation opportunities with a choice of interior trim and seat colours, optional LED lighting package and a range of equipment packages. The exterior of the Q2 also offers customisation options, such as paint colours and optional 19-inch alloy wheels.

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New Audi Q2 Photos

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The new Audi Q2 creates a striking profile with its coupé-like styling. With its low descending roof, long roof spoiler and diffuser, the Q2 is assertive and captivating. The front of the Q2 features a high-mounted, single-frame, octagonal grille and large inlets to emphasise its power and presence. Available with a selection of five petrol and diesel engines, the Q2 also features the Audi drive select system and optional adaptive dampers for an incredible driving experience.

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An impressive range of infotainment and safety technologies is fitted as standard in the ground-breaking Q2. The innovative Audi pre sense front recognises critical situations at the front of the vehicle involving other vehicles and pedestrians, and can initiate hard braking to avoid collisions. The Q2 is also equipped with adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, Audi active lane assist and Audi side assist. For a highly connected journey, the Wi-Fi hotspot enables internet access for mobile devices, whilst smartphones with iOS and Android are integrated into the Q2 via the Audi smartphone interface.

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New Audi Q2 Video

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Highlights of the new 2016 Audi Q2:

  • MMI screen
  • Wi-Fi hotspot with roaming available in most European countries
  • 405 – 1,050 litres of luggage capacity
  • Selection of five different engines
  • Optional S tronic dual clutch transmission

The new Audi Q2 can be ordered from July and arrives in our showrooms in November 2016.

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New 2016 Audi Q2: the SUV redefined

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For more information on the new 2016 Audi Q2, call us or send us a new Audi Q2 enquiry