Audi Hybrid

High performance. Low Emissions. Audi Hybrid.

Audi hybrid models offer you two advantages at once – impressive performance, and impressively low emissions. You can choose your driving mode, from all–electric and virtually emission–free, up to conventional driving boosted by the electric motor to deliver enhanced performance. Audi hybrid engines are currently available in the Audi A6 Hybrid and Audi A8 Hybrid.

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Electric motor

The Audi hybrid electric motor is efficient and dynamic – with an output rating of 40 kW and a maximum torque of 210 Nm. Thanks to a parallel hybrid design, power is transmitted directly for impressive drive-off performance and acceleration in just about every driving situation.

2.0 TFSI engine

The combination of Audi’s proven 2.0 TFSI engine and the high torque electric motor means potent, dynamic acceleration.

Lithium–ion battery

Audi hybrid’s lithium–ion battery has two major advantages over conventional nickel metalhydride batteries: greater power output and reduced weight. Active battery cooling improves the availability of the hybrid system and prolongs its operating life.

Hybrid driving modes

Audi hybrids can be driven purely electrically in EV for short distances: reduced emissions and almost silent driving. D mode enables optimised fuel efficiency, with main drive power from the 2.0 TFSI engine. The program maintains an efficient balance between fuel consumption and performance. S mode features sporty engine and transmission settings, with performance boosted by the electric motor if required.

Audi hybrids: one step closer to an emissions-free future

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