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Auto Express take the new Audi A1 three-cylinder turbo for it’s first UK drive

Auto Express test Audi’s first ever three-cylinder engine with the latest new Audi A1 review. Ideal for any commuter, the supermini has been the proffered option for urban drivers, but does Audi’s new A1 capitalise on this growing trend?

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Audi’s first ever 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol us a first for Audi. Capable of producing 94bhp and 160nm of torque, this ultra-efficient engine is capable of an impressive *67.3mpg and ultra low C02 emissions of just 97g/km. As expected, the A1 delivers the same premium quality as its executive saloon range. The engine delivers polished power delivery which propels the driver from 0 to 62 in just 10.9 seconds, very impressive for a 1.0-litre. Complete with electric steering, 15-inch alloys and soft suspension, this supermini is more comfortable than you might expect. Further, the excellent gearbox, combined with the economical three-cylinder engine make cost-effective motorway cruising a quiet and painless task.

Generously priced, the Audi A1 perfectly delivers not just power economically but still manages to offer the customary Audi premium car experience, earning itself an impressive four-star rating from Auto Express.

Key highlights of the Audi A1:

  • Luxurious interior, with air-con and 6.5-inch retractable display provided as standard
  • Capable of an impressive 67.3mpg, perfect for motorway cruising or city driving
  • Free road tax with emissions of just 97g/km
  • The brand new 1.0 TFSI three-cylinder petrol engine offers polished power delivery
  • Home to a generous 270-litre boot

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The Audi A1. Affordable luxury.

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