Audi Q2 Preview Event

Watford Audi. 15th October 2016. 12pm-5pm

Impossible to define. Possible to view. We'd like to invite you to be among the first in the UK to see the new Audi Q2 before official launch.

Sweeping coupé profile blends with purposeful SUV proportions. A luxurious and sophisticated interior that’s also versatile and spacious with it. Compact and affordable, yet boasting advanced technology and systems that you’ll usually only find on high-end luxury cars. And now you can see all this for yourself, at the Watford Audi Q2 preview event, on Saturday 15th October. Only available for viewing in our showroom from 12pm to 5pm, see this exciting new model in the metal and discover just how unique Audi’s smallest crossover is.

Built to go beyond expectations, the Audi Q2 is a unique blend of SUV, crossover, coupé and luxury saloon. Available in four specifications including a generously equipped Edition #1, 12 exterior colours and a range of personalisation options, the Q2 offers complete personalisation. Take full advantage of our special preview event and get to know the new Q2 before it is released on the road.

No booking is required, we look forward to seeing you there

To find out more call Watford Audi on 01923 700918 or send us an enquiry below: