Audi Cam

Audi Cam is a world first for carmakers, allowing Audi owners to watch online video of their car while it's in for service or MOT.

Using Audi Cam, we visually pinpoint any work required, with expert commentary from the Audi technician working on your car. We focus hand-held 'Audi Cams' on specific problems to record visual and verbal diagnoses. We then send clips to your computer or mobile device, before any remedial work begins. This new, complimentary service furthers M25 Audi's quest for absolute clarity and transparency in all our customer relationships.

Audi Cam: four simple steps:

  • Technician records short snippets of video with Audi Cam, identifying problems and repair recommendations.
  • Audi Cam footage is embedded in a customer-specific, PIN-protected web page and emailed to you. PIN is sent separately by text message.
  • You add jobs you wish to proceed with to the 'shopping basket' and authorise the work remotely, by entering your unique PIN number.
  • Technician carries out authorised repairs.

These tailor-made Audi Cam pages include VAT-inclusive pricing for each job, service team profiles, and action buttons for authorisation of work.

Paul Sansom, Head of Aftersales and Service for Audi UK, said:

Audi Cam greatly simplifies the service and repair process, and at the same time breaks down the barriers between the service bay and the customer that have traditionally fostered scepticism and suspicion."

Audi Cam: see the difference an Audi Service makes.

For further information on Audi Cam or to book a service, simply send us an Audi Cam Servicing Enquiry