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Regular maintenance for your Audi at M25 Audi

Audi air conditioning service:

Your Audi air conditioning keeps you and your passengers fresh and clear and comfortable helping to demist your windows in the cooler seasons. To make sure your air conditioning is operating at peak efficiency, it needs to be serviced every two years. At M25 Audi in Hertfordshire and north London, all our technicians have been fully trained by Audi, so they are experts in Audi air conditioning systems on all Audi models. A professional Audi air conditioning service includes a top-up of the refrigerant gas and an in depth examination of the whole air conditioning unit. What’s more, we can offer you a fixed-price air conditioning service, if your Audi is more than three years old and privately owned. Explore the Audi Air Conditioning Service.

Tyres don’t only keep your Audi safely connected to the road throughout accelerating, braking and cornering, they can also improve your fuel economy and reduce emissions of CO2. But to do all that, they have to be in good condition overall and with a healthy tread depth. The law states that your tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm, but your tyres’ performance can start to deteriorate well before then. At M25 Audi, we can offer you a complementary health check for your Audi which will include checking the tread depth, pressure and overall condition of your tyres. At all our M25 Audi dealerships, we offer a professional replacement tyre service by specialised Audi-trained technicians. We offer highly competitive prices, as well as a new tyre price-match guarantee.

The cambelt on your Audi is tough and it needs to be, because it is subjected to an enormous amount of wear and stress whenever you drive your Audi. If your cambelt fails, it can cause major damage to your engine. That’s why, at M25 Audi in Hertfordshire and north London, we recommend having your cambelt replaced at least every five years, sooner if specified in your Audi’s service schedule. Our Audi-trained technicians are experts in cambelt replacement on all Audi models and, if your Audi is over three years old, we can offer you a fixed-price cambelt change. When we replace your Audi cambelt at M25 Audi, we offer you a free MOT test for life on your Audi (TCs apply). Explore Audi Cam Belt Replacement Service.

Brake fluid deteriorates as it gradually absorbs moisture, which can reduce the efficiency of your Audi’s brakes, resulting in increasing the stopping distance your Audi can achieve. It’s even possible that your brakes will fail completely. At M25 Audi in Hertfordshire and north London, our specialist Audi technicians can advise you on when the brake fluid needs to be checked or replaced in your specific Audi model. We can also offer a fixed-price brake fluid service, if your Audi is more than three years old.


Transmission fluid is a vital component of your Audi’s transmission system, cooling and lubricating the system. Through use, the transmission fluid will deteriorate, becoming more and more ineffective, eventually leading to damage to other components. Your transmission fluid needs to be changed every 40,000 miles and our expert Audi technicians will always be pleased to answer any concerns you may have about your transmission fluid and keeping your gear changes smooth and seamless.

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Regular maintenance at M25 Audi keeps you and your Audi safe.

For more information about any regular maintenance on your Audi or if you have any questions, please call us or send us an Audi regular maintenance enquiry