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Maintenance advice from your local Audi dealership, M25 Audi in north London and Hertfordshire

Learn how to perform basic maintenance on your Audi with these helpful videos.

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How to open the bonnet

Find out about opening the bonnet.


How to check and top up the oil

The ABC of checking the oil level and topping it up, if necessary.


How to check the exterior lights

Check that all the exterior lights are working properly.


How to check the fluid levels

How to go about checking and then, if necessary, topping up fluid levels.


How to repair tyres

Using a compressor and a sealant kit to repair a tyre, find out about our approved Audi tyres here.


How to change a wheel

A simple method to change a wheel safely.


How to check the wiper blades

Check the wiper blades and see how to replace them, if necessary.



It’s easy to look after your Audi with advice from M25 Audi, your local Audi dealership.

If you have any questions about looking after your Audi, please call our Audi service team or send us an Audi maintenance enquiry