Man Servicing Audi Wheel

Fixed price Audi major service from £309

Regularly servicing your car with an Audi Major Service not only keeps it in great mechanical condition, therefore ensuring it’s always performing as efficiently and safely as possible, but it could also enhance its future resale value.

Using an Audi Centre for this means your car will be serviced to the very highest standard, receiving care and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else, with genuine Audi parts fitted by trained Audi technicians. We also offer a wide range of affordable fixed price jobs to help keep your Audi in perfect condition, including a fixed price main service for just £309.

Fixed Service schedule

Flexible Service schedule

Recommended for:

Less than 10,000 miles per annum
Mainly city/town centre driving
Short journeys

More than 10,000 miles per annum
Motorway and main road driving
Mainly longer distance journeys

Oil-change service:

Fixed to every 9,000*/ 1 year

Variable to a maximum of 19,000 miles*/ 2 years

Inspection service:

Fixed to every 19,000 miles*/ 2 years

Fixed to every 19,000 miles*/ 2 years

How often your Audi is serviced will depend on the type of service schedule you use and the type of driving you do. There are two types of schedule available: Fixed and Flexible. When a vehicle is frequently used with uneconomical driving styles such as heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs and high engine loading conditions (frequent towing and hill climbs), we recommend it be on a fixed schedule, regardless of mileage.

Audi servicing: guaranteeing you the best possible car for you and your car

To find out more about an Audi Major Service or to arrange your service, please send us an Audi servicing enquiry