Audi Service Key

Your Audi Service History Stored On Your Key

Another good reason to bring your car to our Audi Centres

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The Audi Service Key enables an Audi dealer to access important data about your car, from your ignition key. When you book a service with us we simply insert it into one of our key readers and it gives us essential facts, including:

  • Your car's mileage
  • Service interval details
  • Wear information e.g. brake pads
  • Warning information if something isn't working as it should

And much more, enabling us to serve you better and service your car better! One more reason to bring your Audi to the experts here at M25 Audi.

Audi Service Key: The Key to better service

For all your Audi servicing requirements or for help with any questions you have, simply ask our servicing team