Audi Winter Wheels

Audi Winter Tyres from M25 Audi

Winter Tyres help reduce your stopping distance and increase safety…

Audi winter tyres are essential for the wet autumn and the unpredictable British winter, offering greater performance and safety once temperatures fall below 7°C (usually end of October – end of March).

With Audi winter tyres, your Audi continues to perform at its best in wet, cold, and snowy weather. According to official figures, road accidents in the UK increase by over 250% in the winter months – winter tyres fitted to your Audi may help prevent you becoming a statistic!

Benefits of Audi Winter Tyres:

  • Unique tread and softer rubber work much better below 7°C
  • Provide better grip for your Audi on snow, ice/slush or surface water
  • Stopping distance on ice reduced by over 10 metres, even at low speeds
  • At M25 Audi, we can supply Audi winter tyre sets or complete
  • At M25 Audi, we can supply Audi winter tyre sets or complete Audi wheel-and-tyre sets – please enquire for details

We can quickly remedy any issues (with your authorisation) and you can drive away confident that your Audi has been inspected by the experts!

Stay safe & keep going this winter with Audi Winter Tyres

To learn more about our wide range of Audi winter tyres and wheels, please call one of our M25 Audi centres or send us an Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres enquiry