Audi Winter Wheels

Audi Winter Wheels – a highlight of winter

It’s easy to change over and enjoy the advantages of Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres

Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres are available for all Audi models, with the same quality, fit and finish as your summer wheels and fitted with winter tyres, perfect for the season. Protect your summer wheels from damage and have the reassurance of driving on the safest tyres for the weather, with our Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres packages.

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What are the benefits of Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres?

  • Improved grip and safety on snow, ice, slush and surface water
  • Significantly reduce stopping distance in winter weather
  • Protect the beauty & finish of your summer wheels
  • Sets include heavy duty storage bags for your summer wheels & tyres
  • We’re happy to offer summer wheel & tyre storage, at a small extra cost

Audi Winter Wheels: Protection and added safety in winter.

Enjoy the safety & protection of Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres. Simply call one of our M25 Audi centres or send us an Audi Winter Wheels & Tyres enquiry