Audi Sport

Audi Sport has the perfect pedigree to breed champions. It’s got the engineering expertise, the dedicated skill of experienced craftspeople and the undaunted spirit of automotive innovation, but most of all Audi Sport has the creativity and design flair to take racing technology from track to road. This is racing DNA; this is true Vorsprung durch Technik; this is Audi Sport.

Built with unrivalled passion, every Audi Sport car you buy at your local Audi dealership represents the pinnacle of Audi’s automotive engineering skill and the Audi commitment to bring the best of race technology to your front door. The Audi Sport range comprises five cars, all supreme examples of Audi’s dominance in the arena of performance and power. The R8 Coupé supercar derives around half of its parts from the R8 LMS and is not only mind-blowingly powerful, but beautiful too. Audi’s compact sports car, the TT RS, takes the TT and gives it a design and an audio track from motorsport heaven, together with 400PS of power – it’s available in Roadster or Coupé format. For 0-62 in just 3.7 seconds from the 605PS V8, the RS 7 Sportback brings a wealth of performance to the drive to work. Luxury and space meet performance, when you choose the RS 6 Avant – you still get from zero to 62mph in 3.7 seconds, but now you can take the family and luggage along for the ride. Finally, there’s an amazing combination of sporting prowess with go-anywhere attitude in the Audi RS Q3.

Go about your everyday with all the power and performance of Audi Sport

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