Audi Active Lane Assist Technology

Audis highly developed active lane assist makes driving even more relaxed. Audi Lane Assit becomes operational at speeds of 40mph and above, and uses a unique camera mounted in the base of the rear view mirror to detect the lane markings.

Audi Lane Assist monitors the road up to an astonishing distance of more than 50 metres and a coverage angle of around 40 degrees, delivering 25 high-definition images per second. Audi Lane Assist then sends you information on whether it feels that you are dangerously close to crossing lanes.

  • Gently pulses are sent through the steering wheel when you’re in danger of running over the lines
  • Sends 25 HD images per second to guide you
  • Monitors up to 50 metres ahead

Corrective steering prompts keep you between the lines with two options; Steering intervention early, which continuously helps the driver to stay in lane with steering impulses that centre the vehicle in its lane, or Steering intervention late, which alerts the driver that the vehicle is possibly crossing the lane markings at the same time as providing a corrective steering prompt.

Find out more about Audi Active Lane Assist Technology in the video below:

Stay in control with Audi Lane Assist

If you have any questions about Audi Lane Assist or if you'd like more information please send an Audi Lane Assist enquiry