BMW Connected with Alexa

BMW joins forces with Alexa for a new level of connectivity with your car

BMW has connected with Alexa, allowing you to access vehicle functions by voice, from the comfort of your home. Alexa integrates with BMW Connected, the digital companion that assists with everyday mobility requirements. Processing any mobility-related information held on your mobile device – such as addresses, points of interest, appointments and calendar entries – BMW Connected can provide journey itineraries based on real-time traffic information. It will notify you of the ideal departure time, and import route details into your car’s navigation system with just a few clicks.

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Allowing you to remotely access your car with voice control, Alexa provides another channel for BMW Connected to integrate into users’ digital lives, joining the iPhone, Apple Watch, Android smartphone and Android smartwatch. Available only on Alexa-enabled devices, not only can it help to assist with logistic requirements, but it’s also possible to use Alexa for voice commands to check the vehicle’s battery charge and fuel level, for example, as well as to lock the vehicle remotely. The activation word “Alexa”, followed by the invocation name “BMW,” allows users to access the relevant functions. For instance, voice the command “Alexa, ask BMW when I should leave for my next appointment”, and you will be notified of the ideal departure time. It could be as easy as that, with BMW Connected.

Watch the BMW Connected video:

BMW Connected: mobility begins before you take the wheel

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