BMW 7 Series Videos from Spire BMW in Hertfordshire, North London and Middlesex

Watch all-new 7 Series videos picked by Spire

Until we can show you the all-new BMW 7 Series in our dealerships and let you test drive it, you can’t really experience what it’s like. But until then, we’ve taken our pick of some of the best videos of this ultimate BMW for you to enjoy and to let you savour the anticipation of driving luxury.

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BMW New 7 Series Introduction

The visual extravaganza that is the new BMW 7 Series. See the achievement of driving luxury, technical innovation and sheer driving pleasure that is the new BMW 7 Series, BMW’s flagship saloon. Watch the video and realise the dream that is 7 Series.


BMW Individual Collection and the New 7 Series

BMW Individual allows you to express your individuality in the environment of the flagship all-new BMW 7 Series. The BMW Individual Collection comprises the highest quality materials and finishes applied with traditional craftsmanship. As BMW says: “Every element is a masterpiece and you become the maestro.” For those seeking something even more unique, there is BMW Individual Manufaktur to make your BMW 7 series a true expression of your character. Watch the video to discover BMW Individual.


BMW New 7 Series Features

The all-new BMW 7 Series exemplifies the epitome of BMW technology. At the press of a button, the new 7 Series will drive itself in and out of your garage or the tightest parking space; at the wave of your hand you can control your infotainment; speak and your car will obey; you can make 24 commands on your touch tablet from your rear seat Executive Lounge; your 7 Series will light around the car as your get in and out; and you have Laserlights with twice the throw of LED lights. Watch the video to see all these technical innovations and a lot more in action.

New 7 series videos: so much more than the brochure, so much less than the car.

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