BMW 740e and 740Le xDrive

BMW 7 Series iPerformance: the ultimate in luxurious all-electric drive travel

The sixth generation of BMW 7 Series has borrowed technology from the BMW i sub-brand to create the new BMW iPerformance 740e and 740Le xDrive. The plug-in-hybrid variants of the new BMW 7 Series allow long-distance comfort and luxury to be experienced in combination with locally emission-free mobility thanks to the intelligent interaction between an advanced combustion engine and the electric drive integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

Thanks to electric boost function and braking energy recuperation, together the power units produce 326hp and 500Nm and allow the 740e to accelerate from zero to 62mph in 5.4 seconds (5.3 for the 740Le xDrive), yet achieve fuel consumption of up to 134.5mpg combined (117.7mpg for the 740Le xDrive) and CO2 emissions of just 49g/km (54g/km for the 740Le xDrive). An all-electric, locally emission-free range of 29 miles is possible.

As with all iPerformance models, an eDrive button allows the driver to change how the plug-in hybrid drive system operates, with a pure electric-only mode available. The newly designed Driving Experience Control is also standard, allowing tailoring of all the 7 Series’ driving parameters. The high level of standard specification for the BMW 740e and BMW 740Le xDrive includes LED headlights, smartphone integration with inductive charging, Ambient light function, air suspension with automatic self-levelling and Dynamic Damper Control.

The heating and air conditioning system of the plugin hybrid models is supplied with energy from the high-voltage battery and therefore works almost silently, yet can be powered by the mains supply when the car’s battery is being charged, allowing advance preparation of the interior and charging of the battery, either set via the iDrive menu or BMW Remote smartphone app. This also supplies information on the charge of the battery, the location of public charging stations, the distance covered on electric power alone and fuel savings achieved.

BMW 7 Series iPerformance prices start at £70,130.00. Get in touch for more information or to arrange a BMW 7 Series test drive.

BMW 740e and 740Le xDrive: blending long distance, luxury travel with highly refined all-electric drive

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