New BMW M4 GT4

The BMW M4 already has the measure of its competition on the road – now it’s time for the racetrack

The new BMW M4 GT4 will be ready to race in 2018 – and the links to the standard M4 are already clear to see. Introduced first as a rendered BMW Design image, the M4 GT4 looks remarkably close in design to the road-going M4, with only the addition of extreme aero enhancements, including a large front splitter and boot spoiler, marking the two apart. The lines, silhouette and proportions are all still unmistakably M4. That likeness is more than just skin-deep as well, because the GT4 will share a surprising amount of hardware with its road-based equivalent.

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Taking part in the 2018 GT4 European season, BMW Motorsport's latest creation will use the same 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six TwinPower engine as the road car, as well as electronics and rear-wheel-drive drivetrain systems. It will also use the carbon-fibre bonnet as seen on the wild special edition M4 GTS road car. Specialised motorsport parts include the seats, brakes, suspension, carbon-fibre doors and racing exhaust system. Areas in which it’s identical to the road car, of course, are in its adoption of the highest quality and safety standards, and it will also achieve excellent driveability and provide very reasonable running costs.

“The BMW M4 Coupé provides the ideal basis for our new GT4 model”, says Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director. “This is a strong base for our engineers to close the gap between our customer racing spearhead, the BMW M6 GT3, and the BMW M235i Racing for newcomers, with a car that is extremely sporty in its production version. The BMW M4 GT4 is designed perfectly for simple use by privateer teams.” Sadly, you’ll have to wait until at least January 2018 to see the M4 GT4 in action, its first possible race appearance being at the 24 Hours of Dubai (UAE).

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