BMW 100th Anniversary Vision Next 100

BMW – creating the history of tomorrow

It’s the BMW 100th anniversary and BWW is celebrating with the unveiling of the Vision Next 100, a car of the future that takes forward all BMW’s vision and technological superiority, creating the history of tomorrow.

One hundred years of BMW innovation is being celebrated in 2016 and BMW has a major programme of events planned. Already revealed this month is the new concept car, the Vision Next 100. On the outside, the design is inspiring and futuristic. But it’s a lot more than that. Alive Geometry means that this car can actually change its shape to maximise the aerodynamics in any situation.

The Digital Companion is at the heart of the Vision Next 100. The Companion gets to know the driver, allowing it to provide just the appropriate amount of assistance to the driver to make the most of their driving skill. It also gets to know the driver’s personal preferences, so it can offer guidance on everything from the best hotels and restaurants at the destination, to options for entertainment. The head-up display can also show points of interest on the route to easily answer questions, such as: what’s that building over there?

New BMW Vision Next 100 Photos

Boost mode means the driver is in control with intuitive assistance from the Companion to create the ultimate driver. With the help of 800 sensor-activated triangles, the Companion shows the driver how any other road users are moving in the area, even those out of the driver’s vision and then suggests the the best path to avoid any danger. In Ease mode, the Digital Companion takes over and the driver can relax completely, turn their seat towards their passenger or make use of the exceptional connectivity options.

The new Vision Next 100 concept car is BMW’s vision of the future, incorporating practical applications of where current cutting-edge technology is heading and recognising that the ultimate driving machine will soon be autonomous, whilst also meeting the desire of BMW customers to enjoy their driving experience even more by using technology to create the ultimate driver.

BMW: the next 100 years

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