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Auto Express have test driven the All-New BMW X6 M and give their verdict on the M variation of the niche X6 range.

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BMW’s highly acclaimed M division has got its hands on the second generation X6 and have added their own typical unique twist. “To call it fast would be an understatement”, the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 taken from the M5 saloon provides an exceptional power upgrade to the standard X6. Despite a boost to PS, the level of torque has seen a dramatic increase from 680Nm to 750Nm. Such an impressive jump sees the SUV propelled from 0-62mph in a remarkable 4.2 seconds; faster than a Porsche 911. With “barely any lag from the twin turbos”, the X6 does a great job of “pinning you back in your seat as you progress.”

Combining this terrific power with the eight-speed gearbox, the M powered BMW X6 certainly “flicks through the ratios in the blink of an eye.” As you would expect with any M car, the X6 “benefits from a raft of settings that allow you to alter the steering weight, throttle response, damper firmness and gearbox ferocity.” The handling for the X6 M is something that needs to be experienced to be believed. Belying its size, “you’ll be blown away by the poise with which this huge SUV handles.” Combining the four-wheel-drive system with the massive brakes, the 2.3-tonne X6 not only grips great, it can stop incredibly quickly.

The interior of the X6 M sports the customary swathes of leather in addition to the M steering wheel and contrasting red and blue stitching; which combine perfectly to produce a cabin with a distinct air of exclusivity. The standard features include a “massive, dash-mounted navigation system and IDrive set-up, along with a crystal-clear head-up display and Bluetooth connectivity.” The addition of even more standard features and a number of optional extras such as the superb Bang and Olufsen stereo system and electric sunroof finishes off this M powered masterpiece.

Some of the highlights of the All-New BMW X6 M:

  • Home to the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8
  • The X6 M is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds; quicker than a Porsche 911
  • Executive quality interior with the exclusive M steering wheel and contrasting red and blue stitching
  • With the seats down the X6 M has capacity of 1,525 litres
  • Features the brilliant BMW four-wheel-drive system

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