What to do in the event of an accident

Spire Bodyshops: for practical accident solutions

At Spire, our aim is to ease all the problems that can arise when you’ve had an accident. So we suggest that the first thing you do is to call us and we’ll then manage the repair from start to finish and deal with your insurance company for you. Your BMW is a highly sophisticated machine, filled with electronic systems and innovative technology, as well as being manufactured from high strength steels and innovative composite materials – these are all features that can safely be repaired by the skilled, experienced technicians at your local Spire bodyshop.

Here are a few points to help:

    • As soon as you contact us, we can arrange for your BMW to be transported to our bodyshop for free and for you to be provided with a courtesy car
    • You have the right to choose where your car will be repaired; you don’t need to use a repairer from your insurers’ repairer network
    • We’ll produce a detailed Vehicle Damage Assessment for approval by your insurer, avoiding the need for time-consuming, supplementary approvals from rough estimates
    • We’ll keep you informed of the progress of your repair
    • We’ll even valet your BMW before we return it to you as good as ever

Spire: your local, BMW approved bodyshop for total peace of mind.

For accident damage repairs at your approved BMW bodyshop, please call us or send us a Spire bodyshop enquiry