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BMW air con service: time to take look at your icer.

To maintain peak performance, your BMW’s air conditioning needs to be regularly serviced, just like other important systems.

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Your air conditioning doesn’t just keep you cool in the summer, but also demists your windows all year round, as well as ensuring the air in your BMW is clean and fresh. Especially important for anyone with breathing difficulties, it also filters out most pollen and dust that you would otherwise be breathing in.

  • Cleaner air: by filtering the air coming into your BMW, the air conditioning can remove up to 80% of deposits and particles from traffic fumes.
  • System integrity: please don’t think of your BMW’s air conditioning as a tool for the summer. Running it whenever you drive will mean that the air in your car is always filtered and mould and bacteria growth will be inhibited, as well as preventing the seals around the system from becoming brittle, which can lead to the refrigerant gas leaking and making the whole system a lot less efficient.
  • Servicing: to keep your air conditioning at its best, the system needs the micro-filters to be checked and replaced if necessary and the refrigerant gas level needs to be checked and the system topped up.

At Spire, we offer you two options for your air conditioning:

BMW Air Conditioning Refresh

Choose this option, if you find that there is a musty smell when you first start your BMW or when you change your temperature setting. A Refresh includes:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning the entire air duct system
  • Disinfecting and cleaning the evaporator
  • Treating your BMW’s interior and the air vents

BMW Air Conditioning Recharge

This is the option to choose, if you find that your air conditioning isn’t as efficient as it used to be. Maybe, it takes much longer to reach your specified temperature, or maybe it can no longer do so at all. A Recharge includes:

  • Draining the refrigerant
  • Checking the system for leaks
  • Recharging the system with refrigerant and lubricant
  • Checking the operating pressures in the system

Spire Air Conditioning Service: breathe clean, fresh, healthy air all year round

For more details of our air conditioning servicing options or to book in your BMW, please call us or send us a BMW air con servicing enquiry