BMW Approved Bodyshop

Spire Bodyshops: all the reassurance of your trusted, local BMW dealership as standard 

Our BMW approved bodyshops are there for you should the worst happen and your BMW needs repairing. You want to be sure that your car is in safe hands with people you know and trust and who know how to repair your BMW inside and out to a highly professional standard.

BMW bodyshop:

  • We will advise and guide you (and your insurer) throughout the repair process
  • Working with your insurer if applicable, we will do everything we can to keep you on the road
  • We will always reply quickly whenever you contact us and we’ll keep you informed about your repair
  • All our staff have been trained to the quality standard required by BMW
  • We use only genuine BMW parts with a two-year guarantee and the BMW specified paint system
  • We will wash and vacuum your car before we return it to you
  • Your BMW anti-corrosion warranty will not be affected
  • We will issue a BMW Approved Certificate of Repair which acts as your guarantee on the work we’ve done, valid throughout your ownership of the vehicle.

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Major Repairs

Should your BMW be involved in an accident, you can trust your Spire Approved Bodyshop to repair your BMW to the highest standards. Your insurance company may try to insist that you use a member of their repairer network. However, this could lead to your BMW being repaired without the benefit of Approved BMW repair techniques and Genuine BMW Parts. Therefore, for your peace of mind, we recommend using our BMW Approved Bodyshop.

You can rest assured that we will repair your BMW, so that it meets its original Euro NCAP safety rating. We always use BMW Approved repair methods, together with Genuine BMW Parts and Materials. What is more, all our technicians have been trained by BMW in the most up-to-date repair techniques and we have all the specialist alignment jigs, welding equipment, tools, paint spraying equipment and paint ovens required by BMW.

Minor Repairs

As a BMW owner, you’ll want to keep your BMW in pristine condition. That means dealing with those irritating scratches and dents as soon as they happen. At Spire, we aim to make such repairs as easy as possible for you by offering a range of easy-to-access, reasonably priced services:


Most cracks and chips in your windscreen can be repaired, even quite large ones of up to 40mm, if they’re not in the driver’s primary zone of vision. Repairs usually take only about 30 minutes and are free under most insurance policies, saving you money on having to buy a new screen. Please bring your BMW to your local Spire bodyshop as soon as possible after damaging your screen, as older damage is more difficult to repair invisibly.

Paintless Dent Removal does just what it says. At your Spire bodyshop, we can often remove all sorts of small dents to your BMW, avoiding the need for time-consuming trim removal and replacement, panel repair and refinishing operations.

Using advanced paint repair techniques, we can often deal with small scratches to your BMW’s paintwork without the need for re-spraying the whole panel, which sometimes would even involve work on adjacent panels. These invisible repairs can restore your BMW’s finish and maintain your car’s value.

Alloy wheels are an intrinsic part of the sporty, dynamic look of your BMW, so we understand that it’s really upsetting when they pick up scuffs and scratches. Fortunately, in many cases, if you bring your BMW to your Spire Bodyshop, your alloy wheels can be repaired, saving you money on having to buy a new wheel.

Spire Bodyshop: approved by BMW for your total peace of mind.

Is your BMW in need of repair?  Call our Approved BMW Bodyshop or simply send us a BMW Approved BMW Bodyshop enquiry