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Genuine BMW tyres at Spire in Hertfordshire, Middlesex and north London

At Spire, our specialist BMW-trained technicians only ever fit tyres with the BMW star marking. Not all tyres are created equal and only BMW star marked tyres have been specifically designed and tuned to work with all the components in your BMW to optimise braking distances, cornering, driving characteristics, noise, directional stability and comfort. We keep a wide range of BMW tyres in stock and can access others on a same-day basis.

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Free Tyre Health Check

Below we offer a lot of advice about your tyres and tyre safety. The routine maintenance we suggest can become relatively easy to carry out. But if it’s not for you, or you need professional advice, we’re always happy to help. To maintain your ultimate driving experience just the way BMW intended, we offer a free tyre health check.

Tyre Pressures

You should check your tyre pressures every week and before engaging in any long journey. The correct tyre pressures can be found in your BMW owner’s manual and on the sticker on the driver’s door post. Never over-inflate your tyres or drive with them under-inflated, as you can cause serious and excessive tyre wear.

Tyre Pressures for Towing and Heavy Loads

If you use your BMW for towing, or you intend to carry a particularly heavy load over a long distance, you’ll need to increase your tyre pressures, but only for those specific journeys; you’ll then need to return your tyres to their normal pressures to minimise wear. Again, all the information you require is in your BMW owner’s manual and on the driver’s door post sticker.

Tyre Damage

Whenever you check your tyre pressures, you should also examine your tyres for damage. Most times, your tyres will be fine but always look out for cracks, bulges and any foreign objects embedded in the tyre, and make sure you check both the tread surface and the side wall. Also look out for any uneven tread wear and, should you find any, please bring your BMW in for a check over at one of our Spire dealerships, as uneven tyre wear can indicate an easily corrected fault.

Tread Depth

If any one of your tyres has less than 1.6mm of tread depth at any point across the middle 75% of the tyre, you’re breaking the law and could face serious consequences. That’s because such reduced tread depths can be dangerous. In fact, your tyre’s performance is compromised when your tread depth falls below 3mm, negatively affecting cornering and braking, and increasing the risk of aquaplaning. Consequently, at Spire, we always recommend replacing any tyre with less than 3mm of tread depth for your safety.

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres allow you to continue your journey after a puncture without having to change your wheel. We can advise whether you have run-flat tyres or you can check your tyres for the RSC (Run System Component) mark in a circle on the side wall. Your BMW’s Tyre Pressure Monitor will notify you if you have a puncture and you then need to drive as advised below:

LoadLoad exampleMax distanceMax speed
Small load One or two people with no luggage 150 miles 50mph
Medium load Two people with full luggage or four people with no luggage 90 miles 50mph
Full load Towing a trailer or four people with full luggage 30 miles 50mph

If your BMW has a Tyre Pressure Warning System, it may sometimes need to be reinitialised. We can do this for you when you bring your car in for a service, or the instructions can be found in your BMW owner’s handbook.

Run-flat tyres shouldn’t be repaired, as they are subjected to considerable stress during use in their damaged state. We also recommend replacing your ordinary tyres rather than repairing them, as it is difficult to be certain of the cause and extent of the damage.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres can greatly increase your safety once temperatures drop below 7°C by reducing your braking distance and improving grip. They are also much better able to handle winter conditions and won’t wear so fast. At any of our Spire dealerships, we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of winter tyres for your BMW. What’s more, we offer a storage option for the tyre set that isn’t in use, so changing to winter tyres or your standard tyres is easy.

BMW tyres: always insist on the BMW star marking.

For more information or advice about your BMW tyres, please call us or send us a BMW tyres enquiry.