BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive covers all your servicing costs

BMW Service Inclusive means you have complete peace of mind, as all your servicing costs are paid up front, no price rises, no surprises. Your first three MOT tests are covered against failure too for most replacement parts and labour. We can also offer you BMW Service Inclusive Plus, which includes maintenance work on a variety of common items like brake pads and brake discs.

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BMW Service Inclusive means that you can cover all your BMW’s comprehensive servicing costs in advance for the first of five years or 50,000 miles, all for just a single, one-off payment. You can cover your BMW at any time up to its first service, but we offer a substantial discount if you purchase within 60 days of vehicle registration. BMW Service Inclusive also includes MOT Protect, so if your BMW fails its MOT test, you are covered for the replacement of key items, including steering, suspension, electrical and lighting equipment. Whatever the problem, we will deal with it immediately and all parts and labour will be free, enabling your BMW to pass its MOT as quickly and as easily as possible. BMW Service Inclusive covers you up to and including your BMW’s 3rd MOT, excluding AUC Service Inclusive Packs.

BMW Service Inclusive benefits include:

  • Covers your servicing costs for 50,000 miles or five years (whichever occurs first)
  • All our technicians are BMW trained
  • We only use genuine BMW parts with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty
  • We have all the most up-to-date BMW servicing technology and information
  • You can transfer your BMW Service Inclusive cover to anyone who purchases your BMW
  • You get the value-enhancing BMW dealer stamp in your service book

BMW Inclusive Plus

BMW Service Inclusive Plus gives you all the benefits of BMW Service Inclusive, but also covers maintenance on a number of items, including brake discs, brake pads, the clutch and windscreen wiper blade runners

All work undertaken under your BMW Service Inclusive or Plus plan will be carried out by fully qualified BMW trained Technicians, using Genuine BMW Parts with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

If you decide to sell your BMW before your BMW Service Inclusive or Plus plan has ended, your BMW will have a full service history stamped by BMW Service and you can transfer the remaining benefits to the new owner, considerably increasing the value of your car.

BMW Series Inclusive Prices

 Service InclusiveService Inclusive Plus
1 / X1 / 2 £475 £1,380
3 / 4 / X3 / X4 / Z4 £525 £1,470
5 / 5GT / 6 / X5 / X6 £575 £1,680
M2 £800 £2,870
M3 / M4 £1,100 £3,440
M5 £1,100 £3,860
M6 £1,100 £3,920
X5 M / X6 M £1,100 £3,860

Prices include VAT at 20.0%. Full Terms and Conditions.

BMW Service Inclusive

Standard on the following models

The BMW 7 Series comes with Service Inclusive as standard. Customers can opt out and receive a reduction in the retail price of the car, or they can choose to upgrade to service Inclusive Plus.


BMW Service Inclusive
Opt-out price reduction

BMW Service Inclusive Plus
Upgrade cost

7 Series £350 £1,200

Prices include VAT at 20.0%. Full terms and conditions.

BMW Service Inclusive

After-sale price list

 Service InclusiveService Inclusive Plus
1 / 2 / X1 £630 £1,520
3 / 4 / X3 / X4 / Z4 £680 £1,680
5 / 6 / X5 / X6 £800 £2,100
M2 £990 £3,140
M3 /M4 £1,330 £3,740
M5 £1,460 £4,290
M6 £1,590 £4,390
X5 M / X6 M £1,460 £4,290

Prices include VAT at 20.0%. Full terms and conditions.

ALPINA Service Inclusive Price List

Service Inclusive can be purchased from the point of registration until the first service has been carried out

 Service InclusiveService Inclusive Plus
B3 £700 £1,600
D3 £700 £1,600
D5 £880 £2,100
B5 / B6 / B7 £880 £2,100

Prices include VAT at 20.0%.

Items Covered

What each option includes:BMW Service InclusiveBMW Service Inclusive Plus
Oil Service
Renew oil and oil filter
Engine Oil top-ups
Required between services
Renew microfilter(s)
Renew air conditioning microfilter / activated charcoal container
Renew air filter(s) Y Y
Renew spark plugs (petrol models only) Y Y
Renew fuel filter (diesel models only) Y Y
Vehicle check service Y Y
Renew brake fluid Y Y
MOT Protect cover 1st MOT Y Y
MOT Protect cover 2nd MOT Y Y
MOT Protect cover 3rd MOT Y Y
Renew front brake pads and discs   Y
Renew rear brake pads and discs   Y
Renew clutch assembly
only if worn
Renew wiper blade rubbers
In conjunction with an oil service only

BMW Service Inclusive: worry-free, inflation-protected BMW servicing

To find out more about BMW Service Inclusive with MOT Protect, or BMW Service Inclusive Plus, please call us or send us a BMW Service Inclusive enquiry
BMW Service Inclusive Terms and Conditions