BMW X3 Value Service at Spire

With a BMW Value Service, the only difference is the price

With our BMW X3 Value Service, your X3 gets the 5-star treatment. All our servicing is carried out by BMW trained technicians and we only ever use Genuine BMW Parts, which come with a two-year warranty.

For 2003-2010 Models

Your X3 will have an oil, oil filter and Microfilter replacement. Our technicians will then wash, vacuum and return your car to you with an updated service history.

Our BMW technicians will replace the oil, oil filter and Microfilter of your X3. We will then carry out a safety check including the function of key fluid and electrical items. Your BMW will be washed and vacuumed before being returned to you with an updater service history.

We will replace the oil, oil filter and Microfilter of your X3. Spark plugs (petrol) or the fuel filter (diesel) will also be replaced. Your X3 will undergo a rigorous safety check and your car will be returned to you washed, vacuumed and with an updated service history.

This important component of your X3 will be replaced along with the front pad wear sensor with new, Genuine BMW Parts. Once our technicians have checked the brake discs for wear, your X3 will be washed, vacuumed and have its service history updated.

The rear brake pad wear sensor and rear brake pads will be replaced with new, Genuine BMW parts. We will also check you brake discs for wear and once we’re happy that your X3 is good to go, we will wash, vacuum and return it to you with an updated service history.

BMW X3 Value Service: keeping your X3 challenge ready

For more information on our BMW X3 servicing, call us or send us a BMW X3 service enquiry

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