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Explore and be inspired by the luxury and technological performance of the BMW 6 Series

Discover BMW 6 Series technology. Exuding athleticism and elegance, the new Coupé, Convertible and Gran Coupé ensure you’re cocooned in a cabin which redefines automotive luxury. BMW 6 Series technology completes this impeccable automotive experience to ensure that you stay a cut above the rest wherever you drive.

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BMW 6 Series technology completes the ultimate combination of style, elegance and performance that the 6 Series already boasts. Home to an array of very special technologies, from the pinnacle of audio excellence, the Bang & Olufsen sound system, to the safety-conscious Lane Departure Warning system and the unrivalled information available from BMW’s Navigation system Professional – find out more about the irresistible BMW 6 Series.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Adaptive Headlights, High-Beam Assistant and BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot

See as clear as day, even when you’re driving at night. Utilising the Adaptive Headlights technology, your BMW 6 Series will provide you with the clearest view of the road ahead when your vehicle enters a bend. Automatically adjusting light distribution, you will now be able to see even further around the most demanding corners and bends. High-Beam Assistant goes even further to ensure safe driving at night. The camera located in the rear-view mirror monitors ambient brightness and traffic conditions, staying on constant lookout for the lights of approaching vehicles. Using this camera technology, the 6 Series automatically switches the headlights to low beam when necessary and returns them to high beam when the road ahead becomes clear. Working in perfect harmony with BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot, the 6 Series will recognise objects on the road in the distance, beyond the reach of the headlights, by using the infrared camera. Taking into account the speed and steering angle, the 6 Series will intelligently decipher whether the object poses a problem. If there is a potential problem, a warning symbol appears and a warning signal is sounded, depending on the severity of the danger. Couple this with the Dynamic Light Spot, and you’ll always know what’s on the road ahead.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Lane Departure Warning

Stay out of oncoming danger with Lane Departure Warning. Using the camera-based Approach Control Warning system, the 6 Series registers lane markings ahead up to a distance of 50m. If the vehicle appears likely to cross a marking unintentionally, the driver is warned with a gentle vibration of the steering wheel. This is cancelled once you indicate, apply the brake firmly or return to your lane. The system is intelligent enough to warn you at the appropriate time when there is a foreseeable danger ahead.

BMW Bang & Olufsen

This concert hall only has premier seating. Renowned for its breathtaking speaker quality, Bang & Olufsen have worked in partnership with BMW to create a surround sound system that inspires you when you’re on the road. A new dimension in sound, the acoustic lens in the centre speaker ensures constant audio quality in all seats. Coupled with the pure aluminium speaker trims, the Bang & Olufsen sound system is not only artistry for the ears, but pleasing on the eyes as well. With 1,200 watts delivered through the perfectly crafted 16 speakers, listening pleasure is never out of reach in a BMW 6 Series.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Head-Up Display

Don’t lose sight of the important things. Projecting relevant driving information into the driver’s line of sight, the BMW Head-Up Display allows the driver to process information 50% faster, whilst keeping their attention where it belongs. The full colour display projects important driver information such as speed limits, navigation directions and even urgent warning signals directly onto the windscreen – ensuring you never have to take your eyes off the road ahead.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Get up-to-the-minute traffic information with BMW’s Real-Time Traffic Information service. Get information on the actual flow of traffic and potential delays along your journey. Using the thoughtfully produced colour-coded system, you can quickly see how the traffic situation is changing in real-time. Automatically updated every three minutes, you can see exactly what the traffic is like with the 500m resolution, thus providing superior accuracy you can depend on. Working together with the RTTI, your navigation system will recommend for or against different routes, depending on the time benefits of a particular route, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re always driving on the most time-efficient route possible.

ConnectedDrive: Navigation system Professional

Indulge in a full comfort experience with the Navigation system Professional. This high-end, high-definition 10.2 inch display system provides a refined display concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia – for maximum comfort and information en route to your destination. Navigable via the iDrive Touch Controller or voice command, you can easily and quickly specify exactly where you want to go. Once chosen, your route will be fully displayed on the high-definition display, with the option of a 3D perspective for certain cities. Once you’ve started your journey, it will work in partnership with the BMW Real-Time Traffic Information system to analyse the traffic conditions and generate alternative quicker routes in real-time. A split-screen option can also be utilised, enabling you to access a first-person navigation view or even explore the raft of entertainment features included on this innovative system. Such entertainment includes the seamlessly integrated CD/DVD player with 20GB of storage, giving you the opportunity to stay entertained and fully informed throughout your journey.

BMW 6 Series technology. Elegance inspired

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