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Connected mobility with the BMW i3.

The BMW i3 contains a whole host of technological innovations which keeps you connected, safe and efficient. From the practical Reversing Assistant, to the BMW i Remote App which lets you control and monitor your BMW, the i3 delivers more than you can imagine. Dismissing everyday worries and automotive problems, the i3 will ensure you always get to your destination as efficiently as possible

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Explore our handpicked selection of i3 technology videos, which present to you the array of features the BMW i3 has to offer. Including a dissection of the i3’s innovative LifeDrive architecture, the comprehensive package you can expect with 3600 ELECTRIC or even how the i3 can enhance driving efficiency through Driving Performance Control, explore our range of videos below.

BMW i Navigation Charging Stations

Now you have the power. Using BMW i Navigation makes finding your next charging station quick and easy. Updated in real-time using the built in 3G connectivity, you can find out where your nearest charging station is and whether it’s currently in use. Couple this with the charging station app available for your mobile device and your BMW will never run out of charge.

Reversing Assistant

Take the pain out of parking. Put your BMW into reverse and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will park in the perfect position every time. Automatically switching into rear-view camera mode once reverse is engaged, utilise your BMW’s beautiful front monitor to see exactly what is behind you with the miniature camera built into the rear bumper. Parking has never been so easy.

BMW i Remote App

Control and monitor your BMW i3 with your mobile device. Connecting your car to your device, the app lets you view a whole host of information about your vehicle, from battery status, electric range and the time when your vehicle will be fully charged. You even have the ability to check when your i3 is next due a service or to control your car remotely, including locking and unlocking doors and choosing the temperature you want the cabin to be before you enter your car to go on your next adventure. You can even view your driving statistics to see just how efficient you were on your last journey.

Driver Performance Control

Tailor the driving characteristics of your i3 to suit you. With three modes to choose from, you have total control over your i3’s performance: Comfort mode delivers a fun and dynamic driving experience; Eco Pro mode strives to increase efficiency by controlling such aspects as acceleration; and Eco Pro Plus mode goes even further, ensuring maximum efficiency, if you’re low on battery or are in slow moving traffic. With the simple press of a button, your i3 will take away your stress and ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

LifeDrive Architecture

Formed of two main components, the completely bespoke design structure of the i3 revolutionises automotive engineering. The ‘Life Module’ or passenger compartment is constructed from ultra-tough, ultra-light carbon fibre reinforced plastic to deliver maximum safety whilst reducing vehicle weight, thus increasing vehicle efficiency. Coupled with the ‘Drive Module’, home to the integral drive elements, the innovative architecture of the i3 provides the perfect platform for a safe, spacious and dynamic driving experience.

Comfort Access System

Accessing and leaving your BMW is convenient and seamless. The Comfort Access System senses that you have your car key on your person – simply touch the door handle and the door unlocks. When you’ve arrived, it takes just another touch and your BMW is securely locked. BMW: refining car security.

360 Electric

An i3 is more than just a car. Buy an i3 and you can now access a fast, safe and efficient home charging solution. Professionally installed, the BMW i Wallbox Pure lets you charge your i3 at home in a matter of hours. Automatically selecting to charge during the most cost-efficient part of the day, your i3 can achieve a full home charge for less. BMW i Mobile care also means that professional help and assistance are only a phone call away. The BMW i3. Delivering the total package.

Range Assistant

Keep your finger on your journey’s pulse with Range Assistant. Working in combination with the dynamic range map, the system constantly monitors the distance that remains in relation to the range you have at your disposal. It will even recommend which driving mode you should switch to or an alternative route to guarantee you reach your final destination. If your destination is however out of range, then the Assistant will quickly identify your nearest charging point, ensuring you will always get to where you need to be as efficiently as possible.

The BMW i3: be freed by connection.

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