Watford Jaguar Ex-Demonstrators

Immediate delivery on selected Jaguar ex-demonstrators

Instant gratification: there's nothing more satisfying. At Spire Jaguar you can experience Jaguar performance, beauty and craftsmanship, well below new car prices and with immediate delivery, thanks to a selection of ex-demonstrator models. We have certain models available as ex-demos that are ready to be driven away in today, with great savings on list price.

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Jaguars are truly accomplished sporting vehicles, offering an unrivalled blend of performance, comfort, elegance and athleticism. Efficiency is equally impressive, with excellent fuel economy and low emissions across the range. Take advantage of our Jaguar ex-demonstrators at Spire Jaguar in Watford, and you’ll find all these attributes but with large savings on new prices. If you're interested in a particular Jaguar model, register your interest and we'll keep you informed on ex-demo examples when they become available.

Jaguar ex-demonstrator benefits include:

  • Usually very high specification versions
  • Exquisite condition, both mechanically and cosmetically
  • Very low mileage
  • All the remaining Jaguar warranty on your ex-demonstrator will be transferred to you
  • A high value Jaguar, for a lot less

Contact us to register your interest in an ex-demonstrator Jaguar and we’ll let you know when your chosen model is available.

Jaguar ex-demos: they move fast

To find out more about our ex-demonstrator Jaguar XEs, please call us on 01923 708572 or send us a Jaguar Ex-demonstrator enquiry
Book a Test Drive Send Enquiry Price comparison is against the same car priced as new. The vehicle is an ex-demonstrator and although it may have delivery miles as per a new vehicle it has already been registered to us so the new owner will be the second owner. For more information please contact Spire Automotive Limited.