New Jaguar F-TYPE SVR

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The most performance-focused F-TYPE yet. The SVR

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Beyond perfection, the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR will also go way beyond the already extraordinary performance of any F-TYPE to date. It’s the first production Jaguar from Special Vehicle Operations. Capable of 200mph, the new F-TYPE SVR is the most performance-focused sports car Jaguar has ever made.

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Incorporating more than 100 technical reinventions, refinements and weight reductions, the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is a true supercar, capable of up to 200mph whatever the weather and whatever the road conditions, thanks to Jaguar All-Wheel Drive and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. Under the bonnet, the 5.0 litre V8 engine with twin vortex supercharger pushes out a stunning 575PS and torque of 700Nm, whilst the aerodynamics have been fine tuned to maximise downforce and minimise drag.

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The drag minimising effect is enhanced by the aerodynamic wing which automatically deploys to reduce drag and lift. It all adds up to breathtaking performance and also produces a 0-60mph time of a mere 3.5 seconds. It also makes for a car that looks every inch a top-class Jaguar, featuring sporting craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials – and certainly the new F-TYPE SVR is worthy of the Special Vehicle Operations unit, which is dedicated to creating high performance models, limited editions and personalisation options for Jaguar enthusiasts. With its increased power and speed, the 2016 F-TYPE SVR expresses the full potential of the F-TYPE.

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New Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Video

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Some highlights of the F-TYPE SVR:

  • Navigation system with route guidance and 8” colour touchscreen display
  • DAB radio and Meridian 380W Sound System with 10 speakers
  • Front parking aid
  • SVR Performance seats in Lozenge quilted premium leather with SVR embossed headrest
  • Jaguar Smart Key System with Keyless Entry

Prices for the new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR start from £110,000.

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The full potential of the Jaguar F-TYPE

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For more information on the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR, please call us on 01923 708572 or send us a Jaguar F-TYPE SVR


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