New Jaguar XF with all-wheel drive

Your hidden assistant – Jaguar All-Wheel Drive

Already exceptional, the XF is also available with the Jaguar XF All-Wheel Drive system. With Jaguar XF All-Wheel Drive, you benefit from torque on demand to the front or rear, maximising traction and safety, whatever the driving conditions.

Designed to enhance safety, as well as maximising performance, agility and efficiency, Jaguar XF All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is paired with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD). This highly intelligent system can sense the degree of grip where each tyre contacts the road and decide when the rear wheels are about to reach their capacity for traction. The system will then transfer torque to the front wheels. Additionally, torque can be transferred to the front axle when the system senses oversteer on fast cornering. All this monitoring is carried out hundreds of times a second, so you, the driver, can just sit back and enjoy your XF, whatever road or weather conditions you’re driving in.

New Jaguar XF all-wheel drive photos

Maximised dynamic ability: Jaguar XF AWD

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