Spire Jaguar Tracker Vehicle Recovery Systems

Security & peace of mind from Spire Jaguar

We are pleased to offer a choice of two superb TRACKER systems, to help locate and retrieve your Jaguar in the unfortunate event of theft. Providing complete peace of mind, TRACKER is also supported by numerous insurance companies, who may offer substantial premium discounts once a system is fitted.

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Choose from two superb TRACKER systems: 

  • TRACKER Monitor. In the event of theft where your Jaguar is moved without the ignition being switched on, TRACKER will notify you. On confirmation of the theft and receipt of your police crime reference number, TRACKER will activate the unit. It begins to emit a silent signal, allowing the police to track your car to its exact location.
  • TRACKER Locate. All the functionality of TRACKER Monitor, with the added benefit of GSM and GPS technology, as well as VHF, allowing your Jaguar’s position to be located on computer based maps. Also part of the TRACKER Mesh network.

With both systems, the patented VHF technology means your car can be tracked to its exact location, even if hidden in a container, garage or underground car park. Once your car is located, TRACKER will arrange for a uniformed guard to stay with it until the recovery company collects and returns it to you (anywhere in mainland GB).

Enjoy all the benefits of TRACKER fitted to your Jaguar

To find out more about TRACKER or to arrange fitting, please call our service team on 01923 708572 or send us a Jaguar Service enquiry