Jaguar online service history available from Spire Jaguar in Hertfordshire

All your servicing and maintenance records stored securely online by Spire Jaguar

From 1 July 2013, we store the records of all the servicing we carry out on your Jaguar in a central, secure Jaguar database, so you, or any future owner, can access information about your Jaguar’s pre-delivery inspection, body inspections, scheduled services and related service items at any Jaguar Authorised Repairer.

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Your Jaguar’s online service history can never get lost. All you have to do is have your Jaguar serviced and maintained by us at Spire Jaguar in Hertfordshire and we’ll ensure the online service history is kept fully up-to-date with all the work we do. Any future purchaser can be certain that your Jaguar has been properly and professionally serviced by an Authorised Jaguar Repairer, using genuine Jaguar parts and that all work was carried out by fully experienced, Jaguar-trained technicians for peak performance and to ensure the Jaguar warranty is fully maintained.

More benefits of the Jaguar online service history include:

  • System keeps a record of all related service items, so there’s no risk of missing a service or repeating work
  • System automatically identifies when your Jaguar is due for its next service
  • In any warranty claim, your Jaguar online service history proves previous servicing work

The modern way to record your Jaguar’s service history.

To find out more about the Jaguar online service history system, please call us on 01923 708572 or send us a Jaguar online service history enquiry