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Making Jaguar winter driving easier at Spire Jaguar in Watford, Hertfordshire

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, however harsh the winter, your Jaguar is designed to give its best

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When driving your Jaguar in winter, you can expect the same exquisite performance as during the rest of the year and to be able to continue to enjoy the pinnacle of comfort and luxury that is Jaguar. However, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure your Jaguar is always at the peak of its performance throughout the rain, the ice, the snow, the hail and the dark, gloomy days of winter.

Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres

We can provide winter tyres for your Jaguar that are specifically designed to meet the high performance needs of your Jaguar model. Jaguar approved winter tyres are specified for use at temperatures below 7°C and are manufactured from compounds with improved performance at lower temperatures, meaning that wear is minimised and grip is significantly improved. In fact, Jaguar approved winter tyres can reduce stopping distances by up to 59%, compared with a set of standard summer tyres. Additionally, Jaguar approved winter tyres have 1,500 sipes that disperse water, ice and slush, again to improve grip on winter roads.

Jaguar Tyre Hotel

At Spire Jaguar, we can change your summer tyres for winter tyres and then store your unused tyre set in one of Jaguar’s regional Tyre Hotels, keeping them safe, secure and in good condition until the seasons change. Changing your tyres and storing them for up to six months costs only £96 including VAT.

Jaguar Winter Health Check

Our Jaguar-trained technicians can put your Jaguar through its paces and make sure key components are all working efficiently and effectively to produce the peak performance you expect of your Jaguar throughout the winter. Just contact our Service Department at Spire Jaguar and we’ll make sure your Jaguar is ready for winter.

Jaguar Winter Accessories

Winter isn’t all about cold and misery, there are lots of things to enjoy too, so take a look our range of Jaguar winter accessories to see which could make yours a Jaguar winter experience to remember. At Spire Jaguar, our Jaguar-trained technicians will fit your chosen accessories and, even better, Jaguar accessories come with a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty. Personalise your Jaguar by taking your pick from the Jaguar Sporting, Style, Touring or Outdoor Accessory Lifestyle Collections. You could choose practical items like rubber mats or loadspace liners to protect your Jaguar, or take a look at the winter-specific accessories like snowboard holders and ski racks.

InControl Protect

For all Jaguar models from 2016 model year, InControl Protect can help make sure you’re never stranded in winter. If you break down, Optimised Jaguar Assistance will send your position and vehicle information to your recovery company, whilst in a more serious situation, SOS Emergency Call will alert the emergency services. The integrated Remote Smartphone App also allows you to find where you parked your Jaguar, check your fuel levels and check if your windows were left open.

Making the most of your Jaguar in winter

To find out more about Spire Jaguar’s winter driving services, please call us or send us a Jaguar winter driving enquiry