MINI Advanced Car Eye Accessory

Watch out, watch out, there’s a MINI Advanced Car Eye about

The all-seeing eye of the MINI Advanced Car Eye will record everything that happens on the road and when your precious MINI is parked up, so if there’s an accident or someone tries to break in, you’ll have full HD video footage of the incident, so you can convince your insurers and help the police catch the bad guys.

The MINI Advanced Car Eye is your ever watchful eye continually monitoring what’s going on from the moment you switch on the ignition, and recording whenever there’s a vibration, indicating an accident. It will also continue to monitor for up to five hours in Parking Mode, so it will record if someone tries to break in. You can have a front facing camera or a front and rear facing camera. With its easy-to-use touch screen and the ability to check recordings on the camera’s large LCD screen, the MINI Advanced Car Eye produces full HD video even in the dark, which can be downloaded onto your computer. Priced from only £223, the MINI Advanced Car Eye can be fitted in 60 minutes to most MINI models.

MINI Advanced Car Eye

Advantages of the MINI Advanced Car Eye include:

  • Simple touch screen controls
  • Full HD video recordings
  • Works in the dark and when parked
  • LCD screen to check your recordings and can be downloaded to your computer
  • Can be fitted in 60 minutes to most MINI models

Don’t let them get away with hurting your MINI – use the MINI Advanced Car Eye

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