MINI Car Care Kit

The MINI Car Care Kit has all you’ll need to keep your car looking shipshape, both inside and out

The perfect way to keep your MINI looking as good as it did the day it cruised out of the showroom. The MINI Car Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your vehicle spick and span and in tip-top condition once you’ve given the bodywork a good going over with soapy water. It includes products to clean the interior, the wheels and the shiny plastic bodywork trim, and also has high quality microfibre cloths for the delicate interior work. And it’s all stored in a MINI Genuine storage bag.

For the inside, the gentle and freshly scented cleaner is for use on all fabrics and plastic surfaces (for example, seat covers and interior trims) and can be diluted in water depending on the amount of dirt you have to shift – so the 250ml bottle will last a while. The cockpit care cloth is made from ultrafine microfibres, for cleaning and care of the inside of the car with plastic care emulsion, and is washable up to 90 °C.

For the outside the silicon-based care emulsion is designed to preserve and protect all your MINI's non-painted plastic surfaces. It restores plastic components, which have lost their colour and shine as a result of aging and weathering, back to their genuine elegant matt-silk look and comes in a 250ml bottle. The wheels are taken care of by a high-performance non-acidic cleaner (500ml content) that can be used on all steel and light-alloy rims. It effortlessly removes stubborn marks such as burned-in brake dust, oil and rubber residue. Shortly after application, the wheel takes on a reddish tint of dust, which shows that the product is doing its job.

MINI Car Care Kit: take care of your MINI with products designed for your MINI

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