MINI John Cooper Works Chili Pack

JCW MINI with no Chili Pack? It’s like bread without butter

More sporty, more options and all for less money, when you choose the MINI JCW Chili Pack for your John Cooper Works MINI. A pack packed with options that’ll make your MINI JCW look better, feel better and be butter. From floor mats to sporty points for your driving skills, the Chili Pack takes a MINI and makes it more.

With the full MINI Excitement Pack built in, you get sport instruments, an analyser to see if you’re driving excitingly enough and a force meter to check out those G-forces you and your passengers are enjoying. Just drive and forget about the headlights, because with the JCW Chili Pack, they’re all automatic. Also on automatic is the two-zone air conditioning with its MAX AC function to really bring down the temperature when your MINI JCW excitement gets too hot. And to make sure your luggage stays where it belongs as you make your MINI perform, there’s an extended storage system with a two-part load-compartment floor, a floor net and four extra lashing eyelets. Outside, you can be sure everyone knows you’ve got a Chili MINI, as soon as they see the sporty 18" John Cooper Works Cup Spoke, two-tone wheels. And finally, don’t let dirt spoil your fun – the JCW Chili Pack comes with velour floor mats to protect your MINI carpets.

Your MINI JCW Chili Pack comes packed with:

  • MINI Excitement Pack
  • Rain sensor with automatic headlight activation
  • 18" John Cooper Works Cup Spoke, two-tone wheels
  • Automatic air conditioning with solar sensor for sunlight-dependent control
  • On-board computer
  • Dinamica/Leather Carbon Black sport seats
  • Extended storage with a two-part load-compartment floor
  • Basic Interior Lights Pack (Orange)
  • Velour floor mats with Velcro fasteners

MINI JCW – Thrilly Chili

To find out more about the MINI JCW Chili Pack, please call us or send us a JCW Chili Pack enquiry