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MINI LED Door Projectors: making you feel special even before you’ve stepped inside

Stepping into your MINI already feels like a special experience thanks to its inimitable fun and bold, funky and retro styling and its high quality finish that makes it a pleasure not only to look at but to sit in and get touchy feely with. But with MINI LED door projectors it can be just that little bit more of an occasion still, even before you’ve sat your yourself comfortably down. Because with our LED projectors, as soon as the doors are opened, depending on your choice, either the MINI logo, the Union Jack design or the John Cooper Works name is projected onto the ground.

Located neatly under the doors, the LED’s light designs can be swapped with very little effort, and the result is an even more personalised and unique MINI ownership experience that you’ll never tire of. The package includes two LED door projectors with all three logo designs, and the system can only be installed in MINIs that already have the door entry lights as standard. Combined with the MINI Excitement package and the Ambient Light feature, which together can create up to 255 different colour nuance for interior illumination, it leads to a MINI experience that is very enlightening indeed.

MINI accessories: little touches that make a big difference

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