MINI Accessory Packs

MINI Packs: Spice up your MINI with a MINI Pack

Are you the sort of person who likes sprinkles on your ice cream? Well then MINI Option Packs are for you, they combine a number of different options to save you money and kit your MINI out with the best MINI Equipment.

Find out more about our packs via the links below:

MINI Salt Pack

Add a little seasoning with the MINI Salt Pack! Velour floor mats, a storage package, an on-board computer and lots more.

View Salt Pack Equipment

MINI Pepper Pack

Add a a bit of flavour with the MINI Pepper Pack! Leather steering wheel, on-board computer and alloy wheels loads more.

View Pepper Pack Equipment

MINI Chili Pack

Add a whole lot of heat with the MINI Chili Pack! Multifunction steering wheel, front fog lights and a whole lot more.

View Chili Pack Equipment

MINI Sport Pack

Maximise your MINI with the MINI Sport Pack! Sporty steering wheels, roof spoilers and more.

View MINI Sport Pack Equipment

MINI Media Pack

MINI Media Pack

Add a bit of techno-geekery to your MINI with the excellent MINI Media Pack!

View MINI Media Pack Equipment

MINI JCW Chili Pack

MINI JCW Chili Pack

Add more spice to your MINI JCW, with a JCW Chili Pack! Bigger wheels, technology and sportier trim.

View JCW Chili Equipment

MINI JCW Sport Pack

MINI JCW Chili Pack

Make your MINI more of a champion with JCW kit and more

View JCW Sport Equipment

MINI Packs: Adding seasoning, flavour and spice to your MINI.

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