MINI Click and Drive Sat Nav

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Find your true path with MINI Click and Drive

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We know you love to drive your MINI here, there and everywhere, but sometimes a MINI Sat Nav: Click and Drive is just what you need to make sure you know exactly where you’re going and can get there by the shortest, quickest route.

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The MINI Click and Drive system is a sat nav designed specifically for your new MINI Hatch, so it matches your MINI’s style. It slots onto the dash right in front of you and has a swivel function, so it’s easy to adjust, easy to see and easy to use, without having to take your eyes off the road. It’s also really simple to keep charged as you drive, thanks to the integrated USB socket. It all adds up to a sat nav package for your MINI Hatch that’s effective and efficient, and you can get yours for only £359 fully fitted.

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Advantages of the MINI Sat Nav: Click and Drive:

  • Attaches to dash and incorporates swivel function, so your eyes never leave the road
  • Designed to blend with your MINI’s style and design
  • Easy to charge on the move through its integrated USB socket
  • Designed for easy integration with future MINI products
  • Only £359 inclusive of fitting

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Give MINI Click and Drive the high five

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To find out more about the MINI Sat Nav: Click and Drive, please call us or send us a MINI Click and Drive enquiry