Spire MINI Approved Bodyshops

Spire for professional, expert, know-it-all MINI repairs

It’s about making sure that if the worst happens and your MINI is damaged, you know that it will only get the most professional repair from MINI specialists who really know your MINI inside out – every panel, every weld, every hi-tech system, every tiny bit of trim. Then when you get your repaired MINI back all whole and shiny again, you’ll never be able to tell that it was ever damaged.

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You can trust your friendly, local Spire Approved Bodyshop to do this, because we are MINI experts: all our repair technicians are MINI Approved; we have all the latest MINI technology and repair methods at our fingertips; and we only use genuine MINI parts and MINI recommended materials and paint to ensure the highest quality standards and so that your warranty is maintained. Please don’t let your insurer send your MINI to their repair network – it’s your right to use an Approved MINI Bodyshop.

Minor MINI Repairs

If you don’t want to put your No Claims Bonus on the line, but you want to sort out those sadly inevitable small scratches and dents on your MINI’s bodywork or a scuff to the bumper, Spire also offers a convenient, cost-effective set of highly effective localised repair procedures that may surprise you. Please contact us for more details.

Nurture your MINI with our MINI repair specialists.

To find out more information about the MINI Approved Bodyshops at Spire, please call us or send us a Spire Approved Bodyshop enquiry