New MINI Cooper S Convertible at Spire

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Ramp up the thrills with the Cooper S Convertible

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You like 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds, then you like the new MINI Cooper S Convertible. Maybe, you like 7.1 seconds even more, with the new MINI Cooper S Convertible Sports Automatic. One thing’s for sure, we’re certain you’ll like the way it drives, that pure go-kart feeling enhanced by its wider track.

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Watch out for that distinctive air scoop prominent in the bonnet and you know you’re looking at the new MINI Cooper S Convertible. Maybe, you’ll see the red ‘S’ logos as they flash past, before you notice the shiny chrome double tailpipes. Get in and get all sophisticated as you relish the Leather Chester Malt Brown upholstery. Roof down in under 20 seconds with the easy-to-use electrical mechanism and now you can let rip and enjoy the 192hp, or just set the cruise control with brake function sit back in the front sports seats and let the DAB digital radio play.

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New MINI Cooper S Photos

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Some highlights of the new MINI Cooper S Convertible:

  • MINI Connected XL and Bluetooth hands free function with USB audio
  • MINI Navigation System XL
  • 16" Loop Spoke alloy wheels in silver
  • Reversing assist camera
  • On-board computer

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Full of surprises – the new MINI Cooper S Convertible

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To discover some of the surprises in the new MINI Cooper S Convertible, please call us or just send us a new MINI Cooper S Convertible enquiry