New MINI Convertible (2016) And Better than Ever!

Meet the New MINI Convertible

What's cooler than driving a MINI? Driving a MINI Convertible. Roof down, sounds turned up, out on the open road. Or around town. Or anywhere you like. Built for thrills, whatever the weather, the new MINI Convertible has a whole host of mighty MINI refinements. To check out what it means to be a MINI Convertible, take a test drive, roof up or roof down, the choice is yours – just send us an enquiry.

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MINI Convertible Roof

MINI’s magic roof

Open-top thrills have never been so plentiful than they are with the new MINI Convertible. Want to make the most of awesome weather? With the new MINI Convertible, it’s quick and easy to let the sun in. The 3-in-1 convertible roof opens in just 18 seconds and there’s no need to stop your MINI fun, as it can all happen at speeds of up to 19mph. You can also open it just a little to let the fresh air in; the 40cm gap means it can be used as a sunroof, if you don’t want to go completely topless. The soft-top roof material is stuffed with sound insulation, so noise is reduced to a minimum. Also, if you’re feeling patriotic, you change the standard, black roof colour to a MINI Yours Union Jack Design.

Technology is on hand to make sure your MINI stays dry too – the Rain Warner App in the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate will keep an eye on the weather and send you a warning: “It’s likely to rain at your MINI’s location in 20 minutes…”. What’s more, choose the MINI Convertible Always Open Timer and you’ve got a record of just how much you’ve had the roof open – it’s a record of your good times and summer times.

MINI Convertible Media 

More technology

Like to be MINI, like to be social. The MINI Connected Pack is an option that puts you in touch with all your social networks, as well as providing you with essential driving information, in-car apps and all your online tunes. Music comes to you through your own smartphone playlists or get adventurous and listen to what you find on Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer, whilst TuneIn Radio brings you a huge choice of radio stations from around the world. MINI Connected Ready Apps can make you and your MINI Convertible stars in your own movies. Imagine every minute of your most exciting MINI moments captured forever – all you need is a GoPro Hero HD camera with Wi-Fi. Mount your camera wherever is safe, inside or out, and you can control it all through your MINI Instrument Centre.

MINI Convertible Drive 

Take a look

Think MINI, think longer, think more streamlined, think sleek and think agile – that’s the MINI Convertible. The steep rake of the Convertible’s windscreen lets the sky in and never dominates you, creating a sense of airy spaciousness. And it’s all designed for safety with the help of the rollover crash system, completely unobtrusive, but designed for maximum safety.

MINI Convertible Engines 

Making it go

Mini’s TwinPower Turbo engine technology makes light work of every mile, and the six-speed manual transmission is a joy to use – a six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission is also available, whilst the MINI Convertible Cooper S and John Cooper Works models can be specified with a six-speed Steptronic sport gearbox, which comes with shift paddles on the steering wheel. As an option, you can also add MINI Driving Modes, so you get to choose just how your MINI will drive that day: is it a smooth day or a sporty day?

MINI Convertible Option Packs 

MINI Convertible Option Packs

Time to choose – how do you want your MINI Convertible? There are a number of Option Packs to make your MINI the way you want it, and to add those finishing touches or extra technology that can make all the difference to your daily MINI adventures. Option Packs include:

  • MINI Convertible Pack includes: remote control key for the roof, Always Open Timer and heated front seats.
  • Convertible Chili Pack: LED headlights, heated front seats and premium upholstery.
  • Convertible Yours Pack: multi-function steering wheel, illuminated interiors and Union Flag upholstery details. 

MINI Convertible Details 

MINI Convertible Highlights Include:

  • Take your pick from four models: MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper D Convertible, MINI Cooper S Convertible and MINI Convertible John Cooper Works
  • New quieter and more refined roof than ever before, fully retractable in 18 seconds
  • Boot volume increase of 25% and more space for rear seat passengers
  • Personalisation options including the new MINI Yours Union Jack woven fabric roof
  • Featuring the latest three- and four-cylinder engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology, for both efficiency and performance

Enjoy plenty of open top thrills with the new MINI Convertible

To discover more about the new MINI Convertible, send us a new MINI Convertible enquiry
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