MINI Vision NEXT100

See the future of MINI take shape

Looking forward to the next 100 years, the MINI Vision NEXT 100 is an incredibly advanced, amazing, new concept. You could be sharing a MINI and yet every time you drive, internally and externally the MINI Vision NEXT 100 will be completely personalised and as you want it to be.

Imagine your MINI Vision NEXT 100: it will come and pick you up wherever you may be. Before it arrives, it will have automatically adjusted itself to your personal preferences, including transforming the external surfaces and preparing itself to beam a personal greeting to you before you get in. The MINI Vision NEXT 100 will communicate with you via the Cooperizer, mounted in the centre of the dashboard area and displaying its messages with vivid changes of colour. The Cooperizer will get to know you and offer you great new experiences with travel and destination suggestions. It can also offer you the opportunity to experience other MINI users’ driving preferences, from your best friend to your favourite celebrity, and it will take over altogether in fully autonomous mode, shifting the controls so the driver can sit back and relax. The fully transparent front end makes for a totally unique driving experience and being MINI, a really fun one too, with the option of turning on the JCW driving mode. Finished your journey? The MINI Vision NEXT 100 will drive itself away to clean, recharge and await the next summons.

MINI Vision NEXT100 Video:

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The shape of MINIs to come

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