MINI Air Conditioning Service

Keep cool in all conditions

Your MINI’s air con can keep you cool, demist your windows and filter out pollen and dust, so that you’re always breathing clean, fresh air – but only if you look after it. Bugs love air con systems; muck can clog it up; refrigerant gas can leak and make your air con inefficient and fuel devouring; and your whole MINI can start to smell – Yuk! So what can you do? Like the rest of your MINI, your air con needs regular servicing, so you don’t get any of these problems and you can enjoy your MINI to the max.

At Spire, we offer two levels of air conditioning service:

Air Freshener

We’ll clean the evaporator and disinfect the air duct system, including the air vents and the interior of your MINI – bugs dead, smells gone!

Arctic Blast

We’ll drain out the refrigerant, check the operating pressures throughout the system and that there are no leaks, and then we’ll recharge the system with the correct levels of refrigerant and lubricant – now your air con system will work at its peak efficiency.

Spire Air Conditioning Services: bug squishing, air freshening, leak stopping, fuel saving...

To find out more about servicing your MINI’s air conditioning, please call us or send us a MINI air con servicing enquiry