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Fit more of your life into your MINI and have more fun along the way with MINI Technology.

The MINI 5-Door Hatch gives you not only the same handling and more space, but more technology than you can possibly imagine. Developed to make your life easier and your drive even more enjoyable, find out more about all the bells and whistles this epic MINI has at its disposal.

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Your MINI has more than go-kart handling and its iconic design. Look beneath its eye-catching exterior and you'll find a host of hi-tech gadgetry which is sure to bring out your inner child. It's not just fun and games however. Your MINI does more than keep you smiling everyday, its there to watch your back. Built with you in mind, the 5-Door Hatch not only makes your drive more enjoyable but keeps you safe along the way. Jump in and see what the MINI 5-Door Hatch has up its sleeve with our series of MINI Technology videos below.

MINI Head-UP Display

Keep your head in the game. With the optional MINI Head-Up display, staying focused on the road ahead has never been so straightforward. This class-leading technology utilises a transparent display which rises out of the dashboard. Once it's up and you're on your way you can benefit from its hoards of information that it presents in a clear and concise manner. Including navigation information, driving assistance, entertainment, driving speed and warning information right in the field of vision of the driver. With height, rotation and brightness ajustments, as well as a choice of the information displayed, you can set the Head-Up display exactly the way you like it. The Head-Up Display is capable of even more when compatible extras are added. For example the Driving Assistance Pack will relay important collision warning and active cruise control information. Perhaps you've added a satellite navigation system to your MINI too – well expect colour directional information to be displayed on the clever Head-Up Display, ensuring you never miss a turn or take your eyes off the road.

Interior Customisation

Have all the same MINI fun functionality but in a more mature environment. Modernised and refreshed for the new MINI range, the interior has seen a vast improvement in quality and design. With MINI Interior Customisation you can tailor your MINI to exactly the way you like it, with a vast number of interior design combinations to choose from. Personalise the dashboard by choosing from the five colour lines available and the generous seven options for interior surfaces. But you can go further than this. With the MINI 5-Door Hatch night never falls with the glowing LED lighting located throughout the interior. Choose from up to 255 different colours and set the light to match your vibe. The high-quality interior with coloured stitching of your choice helps to complete this delectable interior package. So get in, buckle up, turn up the lights and take on the big city with your MINI.


What is MINI DNA? Since 1959 with the launch of the original MINI, MINI has tried to keep the wheels as close as possible to the corners of every car it produces. Maximising road holding and reducing front and rear body overhang, a MINI is like nothing else on the road. Add to this recipe it's innate low-centre of gravity with the stiff body and the finished product is the delicious MINI go-kart handling which isn't hard to fall in love with. With responsive steering, minimal body-roll and the addition of a more comfortable ride with the new Hatch, expect a more enjoyable drive than anything you've ever driven before. The new MINI headlight, grille, door handle and mirror design are visual cues of the MINI design philosophy that make up the MINI DNA. Add to this the iconic central display which has been overhauled with the latest automotive technology, and you'll see why the MINI brand lives on stronger than ever.


Utilised in every part, the MINImalism technology seeks to do more without over-complicating things, acting as a catalyst for reliability and performance. For example the new range of modular engines work in harmony with the more efficient new manual and automatic transmissions. Aerodynamically the new MINI is the best in its class. At the bottom of the front bumper there is a displacer which helps to navigate the onrushing air cleanly away from your MINI. Add to this the new aerodynamic and lightweight wheels and the aerodynamically optimised under-body and it's easy to see why the drag coefficient has now reached 0.276, leaving its predecessor with a cd of 0.33 in its slipstream. Reduced slipstream wheel bearings and brake energy regeneration complete the job of making this car even cleaner than the last.

MINI Centre Display

Evolved over generations, its all systems go with the MINI Centre Display. Refined and updated, the Centre Display's layout and technology has seen a positive adjustment. With the speedo now placed in front of the driver, there's now more room for additional functionality in the Centre Display. An ambient orange LED ring comes as standards, but specify the MINI Excitement Pack, Visual Boost Radio or Media Pack XL, and LED ring colour becomes changeable interactive and an intuitive driver aid. You can even put it in disco mode where it will light up your MINI with every colour at its disposal, to make your drive home that little bit more special. The lighting is more than visual fun however. The LED ring will let you know in a flurry of colour about the engine speed, when Stop/Start is activated, when you're receiving a call, how high the volume is, what temperature you have set or when its time to take your next turn. Within the centre ring choose from three different audio systems to suit your budget, with the option of the 8.8” colour screen. It's the MINI's beating heart.

Get techy with the MINI 5-Door Hatch.

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