2015 Automotive Awards

Aspiring to Awards Success

10 Aug 2016

Spire Automotive – will we win again?

We just can’t wait for 19 February at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. Why? It’s the AM Awards 2015 and we’re nominated twice!

Spire Automotive is looking to take the Best Retail Group (more than 10 sites) Award. We’re nominated because we can clearly demonstrate outstanding performance in our quality, innovation and service, as well as showing improvements in performance over the past five years in all areas of our business from new car sales to finance. Our exceptional customer satisfaction ratings, great marketing and staff engagement will all be key to our success.

Our centre at Watford Audi has also been nominated for the Excellence in Customer Service Award. Across the Spire group, we’re really proud of our excellent customer service and this nomination proves that we’ve been proven to have a real team-wide understanding of the needs of our customers.

Keep your fingers crossed for us in February!

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